Forgiveness Is More Than Saying Sorry Just Friends

Samantha James: [singing with his guitar] forgiveness, is to say sorry I'm that much more. To forgive is divine. Then a glass of wine. And gender of reconciliation until the end of time, time, time, time, Timmmmmmeee! Time. Samantha James: I love me your mother house off. Is one of the small plans list? Chris: Yes. I had planned on the plane. Samantha James: [hidden under a giant ear, waving flag. Hello. Hello. Hello. ] Chris, come on people watching me. [Is not that a person in the restaurant seems]. Chris: What happened to Sheila. Any progress? Ray: We'll see. I take his lunch. Chris: Go, go, go. Do not you it is not. I agree? No not to eat. Ray: Why? Chris: A motorway to the friends. Ray is: what the hell the field of friends? Chris: If a girl decides that you are their friend, a selection of dates no longer is. You are the full sexual entity in his eyes, as his brother or a lamp. Ray: I'm going to be no lamp. Chris: so not his friend be OK? Take for example of this type. [point together with a clumsy and a beautiful girl] Ray: do you think this pair? Chris: No, I mean the kind, the * is * a few were. Ray: What is your point? Chris: my point appeal of Sheila Ray is. Call now. Move the date from day to night of role playing, and no matter one does what to embrace at the end. Because friends don't kiss. Clark: how was the big event? Chris: It was terrible. I went for a kiss, but she wants a hug, right? Then they catch me in a sort of limbo Kiss hug type. I know not what it is, so I found myself * whole body to forgiveness is more than saying sorry just friends tremble. Clark: he gave a jerk of the body? Chris: Oh, God! Should have kissed! What was I to do? Clark: It seems that you have chosen the right where he left off. Six friends in the area. Chris: Look at Jamie. I have many bad things, other nights and sorry. The truth is that me your girlfriend be scared because I want more. But then I think that I in my life as a friend No. dear. Chris: [Jamie opens the door] is also a lie. Jamie, this weekend to re-open: [comes out and closes its connection] why you're here? Chris: because I want to take you for an appointment. And no matter whether it day or night, or if, then this is a quote from the truth. And I will tell you that you are beautiful. Inside and outside. I want to have kids with you, I want to marry you and I love you Jamie. I still have. Chris: [Chris leans and kisses. [Jamie takes for a second, then goes out] I'm sorry. Twenty years at the same time, just blah-blah! [Laughter from Jamie. Chris leans over and kisses him again. ], To reopen this weekend: why Jamie play always with the head? Chris: I have my head for three days. You were * torture * me twenty years ago. Jamie, this weekend to open again: That's why I won't to hell in high school? Go on! Chris: I urge you more confidence after such a long time, I'm sick of me. Jamie, this weekend to open again: Oh, are so provocative? Pretty much say I recently and not nothing! Chris: and now you know how it feels. Samantha James: You will the best team manager music by Jessica Simpson and her father and get to Mreow and I can not because it is illegal. I have been looking for it. Clark: [discuss Chris Clark and Chris yesterday has no sex with Jamie] are in the same menstrual cycle, or what? Ray: Where has this theory? [refers to the theory of the friendship zone] Chris: a girl (f) in bad grammar. Chris: so you went with dusty. She wants a sensitive type. like the old me. Well, if you like Mr. Rogers, I'll show you who has seen most of this cone,,