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12 Tips for treatment of colds and flu medical reference natural WayWebMD is no cure to the view for the common cold or flu, topical treatments may lead to relieve best symptoms or shorten the duration of symptoms. You can take a mix of medications that can help relieve the symptoms. Or you can take the natural approach. WebMD was Charles b. Inlander, President of the people heard, medical society for some home remedies that can speed recovery and help you along the best route. # 1 know when to treat symptoms not believe it or not, that they have experienced these symptoms, they are part of the natural healing process - I would like to emphasize that the immune system is fighting the disease. For example, fever is your body, then try to kill the virus in a warmer than usual. A hot Keimabtotend fever there quickly and efficiently extension proteins in the blood. So if you take a fever moderated by a day or two, it gets really faster. Cough is one symptom of the production; Clear the Airways of mucus often, germs can cause lung and the rest of the body. Even the nasal congestion is the sweetest or not treated. An abschwellende, limits such as Sudafed, flow of the blood vessels in the nose and throat. But often, you will want to increase blood circulation because it heats up the infected area and carry the seeds of body secretions. # 2 the nose frequently (and), it is important that your nose clean on a regular basis, in the case of a cold, rather than the snot smell again in your head. But if it is difficult to give you the pressure can remember slime germinates in the passages of the ear, earache causes. The best way to clean the nose: press a finger over a nostril while gently to exploit, delete the other. ^ # 3 for the stuffy to break with the warm salt water download saltwater nasal congestion in viral particles also helps to eliminate bacteria from the nose. Here's a popular recipe: mix 1/4 teaspoon salt and 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in 8 oz of warm water. Use a syringe of the bulb, the water injected into the nose. A nostril using slight pressure of the finger on the mixture of salt spray in the other nostril to keep. Let it drip dry. Repeat 2 or 3 times, and then the other pit. ^ Back top of page # 4 stay warm and keep warm and the rest is rested, coming first with a cold or flu helps the body to direct its energy toward the immune battle. This battle, which the inspection body. Then, give a little help under a blanket to lie. ^ To top of page # 5 can bring gargle gargle damping the pain in the neck and a temporary relief. Resolved, four times a day, try a spoonful of salt in warm water. To reduce the tickling in the throat, it's gargle - as an astringent tea containing tannin - to tighten the membranes. Or use a thick and viscous gargle with honey, popular in folk medicine. Soak a tablespoon of raspberry or lemon juice in two cups of hot water. Mix the honey with a spoon. Cool the mixture at temperature room before gargling. ^ Back to top # 6 hot liquids to drink hot liquids, helps relieve nasal dryness and soothe you are uncomfortably inflamed membranes, nose, and throat online. If so overloaded that sleep at night, try a hot toddy, an old remedy. Prepare a cup of hot tea. Add a teaspoon of honey and 1 small (about 1 ounce) drop of whiskey or Bourbon. Limited to one. Too much alcohol in these membranes and is counterproductive. ↑ Top of page # 7 take a steam shower, shower nose wet steam and relax. If you are surprised by the flu, steam shower while he was sitting on a nearby Chair and take a sponge bath. ^ Return to finish # 8 is an ointment under your nose a bit of menthol ointment under your nose breath open passages and help restore the irritated skin at the base of the nose. Menthol, camphor and eucalyptus have gentle ingredients that can help with nose rubbed raw numbing pain. ^ Back to the # 9 apply hot or cold compresses to the breasts are congested or temperature works. You can buy reusable hot or compresses cold to a pharmacy. Or create your own. Take a damp cloth and heat it in the microwave for 55 seconds (first, test the temperature to ensure that it is good for you.) Or take a small bag of frozen peas to use as a cold compress. ^ Top # 10 helps sleep to relieve a lifter under the head of this nasal obstruction. If the angle is too heavy, try placing the pad between the mattress and box springs to create a softer slope. how do you know you're more than just friends ^ Top of page # 11 do not fly, if it is not necessary to perceive, said to add stress of the upper respiratory tract, and that is what will make the pressure change. Stolen with a cold or flu congestion temporarily can damage the eardrums due to variations in pressure in the launch and landing. If you must fly, use a decongestant nasal spray and wear with use shortly before take-off and landing. Chew and swallow often help relieve pressure. ^ In the beginning of page # 12 food fight against infection by food, here are some good foods to eat when you have a cold or flu fight are: banana: stomachs calm angry. Peppers: loaded with vitamin c. Bilberries: diarrhea of kerbs, high natural aspirin. (You can reduce fever and help with pain). Carrots: loaded with beta carotene. Chile: You can open the sinuses and help dissolve mucus in the lungs. Cranberries: it allows to avoid bacteria attach to the cells in the lining of the bladder and urinary tract. Horseradish mustard &: mucus in air ducts helps to break. Onion: phytochemical compounds claimed the body, helping to get rid of bronchitis and other infections. Rice: Limit of diarrhea. Black tea and green tea (not herbal) contains tannins, natural antibiotics of Phytochemistry and antidiarrheal effect. Please note that the severe conditions can pass as colds, sinusitis, bronchitis, meningitis, an inflammation of the throat and asthma. Call your doctor if you have severe symptoms, or feel worse each day that passes. .